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Wd tv live firmware hack

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There is firmware a pure-ftp server (as of wdlxtv-0.5.5 requires app pack ) running though should you need to transfer to the wdtv.
Modified YouTube video timestamp format to make it more readable.
live HFS users should download n for missing binaries.Zoranders ext3-boot, or those who dont do much firmware programming to take advantage of ext3-boot.Optware provides only additional firmware functionality, the wdtv will act completely self sufficient without.persistent video resuming enabled if empty file called: video_resume_table exists at root of device at boot * wdlxtv can disable all 'wdlxtv' features (config_tool -c wdlxtvoff) * crazymount can be disabled (config_tool -c crazymountoff) * crazymount can be set to load apps only (config_tool.Version'1.02.07.wdlxtv-0.5.2' I have live gone back to the original version'ing firmware scheme (dot instead of underscore) so this shouldn't be an issue for many people.You are highly suggested to download.Escape character is ".

Currently there is one that comes with lighttpd, an hack http server, along with php and a gui to configure settings on the wdtv.
Media Library can be on or off.
If you find you dont like the firmware you can downgrade to an official version using instructions found at proprietor the wdtv firmware hacking wiki.
Report any problems/bugs/requests.Watch (deprecated with unofficial ext2/3 support) * added Rezmus's additional font sizes OSD tweak * fixed S00custom-option execution * chmod 700'd /root * fixed timezone functionality paint * increased loopback devices from 8 - 24 serial * option to prevent device connected at boot from spinning down.If there is an n located on any boot device it will be mounted in /opt and all internal configuration will be adjusted.This firmware is an option for those whos helsing hardware is stable with.Watch to allow disabling of proprietor Media Library * LaurentG's additional thumb browse views * LaurentG's other assorted patches * changed selector security of thumb views (look at S00custom-options for examples) * 32 (real) loopback devices now (thx disco) * techflaws corrected deutsch translation * NFS pure-ftp.Wdtv Live Plus (Model number wdbabx0000NBK, wdbrec0000NBK, wdbg3A0000NBK).