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Visual studio 2015 new features

visual studio 2015 new features

More details about NuGet updates can visual be found at get.
For details on these packages updates see the features T MVC.2.3, Web Pages.2.3 and Web API.2.3 Release blog post.
You can modify these properties during a debugging session and immediately see their changes in the running application.
In addition, by collecting and analyzing detailed GPU usage data, this tool provides insights into the CPU and GPU execution time of individual DirectX events, and therefore can be useful to determine whether the CPU or GPU is the performance bottleneck.
GPU Usage You can use the GPU Usage tool to understand GPU usage of DirectX applications.C# and.NET have been around for a very long time, but their constant growth means theres always more to learn.Figure 7 Oops, what is that all about?This provides some convenience for template programmers, similar to the other metafunction studio visual type aliases in type_traits.Clicking on Quick Actions will display studio the following options: Select Introduce local for ctx.We recommend that you convert your add-ins to VSPackage extensions.A deriving class can only inherit all the constructors of its studio features base class, there is no way to inherit only specific base constructors.

C11 The noexcept operator can now be used to check whether an expression might throw an exception.
However, you visual can still create shootout these diagrams using emulator new UML elements.
In our (Data Access Layer we have a Get method.Formatting a minified json file will now automatically un-minify.Every developer loves the new absolutely nice and pleasant code refactoring editor experience, revamped watch and immediate window that will allow you to write lambdas and linq when debugging and many more skater exciting features waiting for.Code maps can also help you keep track of your place in the code while you work or debug code, so you will read less code while you learn more about your code's design.New Secondary tools features to be installed skater are: Android Native Development Kit (R10, 32).

You will immediately see project and assembly references, and then the visual studio 2015 new features link types appear.
In the source code.