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Pc 3000 security system

It enables the user to overwrite flash ROM, to switch off damaged magnetic heads, to detect security and exclude damage in the HDD service area, to recalculate and overwrite service modules, to regenerate the translation system, to clean and reset.M.A.R.T.
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For some drives, SelfScan procedure can be security launched.
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All specialized PC-3000 utilities are capable of performing the following actions: diagnose the HDD in technological mode; verify and recover the HDD service area; read-write Flash ROMs area; load service information access program LDR; modify HDD heads configuration tables; review defect tables (P-list, G-list, T-list.HDD diagnosis can be done in standard (user) and technological (factory) modes.It is very often the only way to read data from significantly damaged surfaces.Filter security Results, use the following dropdown boxes to quickly filter your system system search results.By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies.This will save a lot of time in gaining access to user data.In case of seriously damaged surface and numerous bad sectors, this surface area is disabled.It helps to evaluate how difficult it is to repair this HDD and if it is worth doing.The database is systematized and stores all data in compressed format.If the initialization process fails due to a problem with loading program modules into RAM, you can use the special Loader that creates essential HDD content into RAM.This system website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy.If there is a problem with the initial HDD initialization, the detailed start process log can show some information that helps to identify the damaged program modules with service information.

The sequence of supplied HDD commands can be classified by types and saved to file for later use or for sending to another PC-3000 owner.
Afterward, identification parameters are corrected (including serial number, model, capacity, etc.).
Dedicated modes for experienced users There are two dedicated modes intended for experienced users: integrated script system and ATA commander.
security The main advantages of the PC-3000 database: FireBird database server is used (one of the most reliable SQL servers ) adaptive indexation mechanism is used to speed home up the search process shared persia firmware database can be created for use by several PC-3000 kits at the.The main principles of PC-3000 functionality.If you wish to only repair the HDD and you do not need user data, you can make full drive initialization, switch off damaged heads, hide defects on the magnetic surface and reconfigure the HDD.To make initial diagnostics, the PC-3000 universal utility security is launched.The following checks are done: if the HDD is identified and if the HDD is password locked; check of surface access by LBA to the user data area and HDD translation system etc.It could suffice to correct internal HDD software.How to use the PC-3000 Portable to recover data.The PC-3000 provides a wide range of functions for repairing HDDs.Advanced object model is used for getting access to HDDs.hide found defects of magnetic surface; recalculate (initialize) translator; change configuration and identification parameters; reset logs and.M.A.R.T parameters; watch and reset HDD passwords; work with the Data Extractor.You can set values for HDD registers (including registers for LBA 48 mode and prepare and provide HDD data commands using a binary text editor.ATA commander interactive mode that allows issuing commands to HDDs (including technological commands) even by a user who does not have programming skills.If there are any HDD malfunctions, a special vendor-specific technological utility (intended for a specific HDD vendor) is used to repair the drive and gain access to user data in technological mode.Magnetic gibbed heads are checked, subtitle bad heads are disabled.This allows for temporal access to user data and you can read the required information.

Technological mode allows for reading of data using physical parameters in pc 3000 security system pzchs or line physical area with ABA.
A Hard Disk Drive (HDD) consists of three main parts: the Hard Drive Assembly, the printed circuit board and the internal software.