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Lumia 925 screenshot machen

Start machen and power buttons simultaneously.
Using the machen default machen set of buttons, you can take screenshots in Windows OS lumia mobiles also.
Select the screen you want to capture.Lets see each of them is separate articles.The third method is less known and it uses PC to take screenshot of your mobile.To take screenshot of your mobile in computer and remember machen to save it in the location you prefer.Learn how to take screenshots on the Nokia Lumia 925.Coming with Windows Mobile OS this phone created enthusiasm in mobile users from the start of its announcement.Use indigenous methods of PC like snipping tool, prt-sc etc.If you see a nice lumia animation of screen capture and hear camera lumia clicking sound, then you are lumia successful in capturing the screenshot.Capturing screenshot through apps is somewhat complex when compared to the above methods but it has its own advantages like post editing, writing notes on images etc.Coming to Screenshots, like ios and android, taking screenshots in Lumia 925 is very easy and there are three popular methods to take screenshots from Lumia 925.

If you tap on objective the image twice you will be provided with option to share the picture via different mediums like facebook, twitter, drop-box, mail etc.
Connect your phone to PC with the help of USB.
The first method game is very simple and already known to many users.
Second method is usage duvernoy of apps that are game available in windows app store.It is always better to know different methods and use the one which is most suitable to you.If not press buttons once again.To take a screenshot of the device display, follow these steps: Press Power and Volume Up at the same time.Screen Capture, Screenshot Mobile smoothie etc.As windows mobiles are less popularized when compared with ios or android, people often raise doubts about OS issues, apps compatibility, taking screenshots etc.Once you see the animation and/or heard sound go to Photos Albums Screenshots to find automatically saved screenshot.If you want to have that screenshot on your mobile also, game then copy and paste image to your phone data with the help of PC Suite.Be it book a high score in your favorite game or an important note, you can easily save them to your phone memory for future reference.You can install popular screen capture apps like.The screen shot will be saved in the Photos hub.Press the two buttons.e.Nokia released Lumia 925 mainly targeting the high end mobile users.

As Nokia became the main manufacturer for Windows OS, Microsoft also took extreme care regarding its software making this phone a perfect blend of high end hardware with awesome software.
This method is rarely used as it is more complex when compared with the above lumia 925 screenshot machen two.