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Indo pak history pdf

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He also did not allow the indo construction of indo new hindu temples during his reign and indo many previous pr evious temples were were demolished at his command.
For this purpose he launched a campaign against the Marathas in history the Deccan which which lasted for 25 indo years.
History And Culture Of Pakistan O Levels, Cambridge International Examinations.A Sheish Mahal was indo also constructed during his regime.Details, rizwan Khan 2857, indo Pak History CSS 2018 Paper held on 22nd February 2018.Like his ancestors Aurangzeb was also fond of beauti b eautiful ful mega m ega structures.Ans: Aurangzeb was an orthodox Muslim.For the above mentioned reasons history Aurangzeb was blamed for sowing the seeds of downfall of the empire.During history Dur ing this period the bulk of the army was destroyed and most officers got corrupted and indulged in bribery.Here is the paper : Enter your email address to Get Latest Jobs, Syllabus and Past Papers Updates: Also Confirm Subscription in Email.Advanced embedding details, examples, and help!Embed (for m hosted blogs and archive.

He ordered the building of the Badshahi masjid in Lahore and had a animals Pearl Masjid built in Delhi which was reserved for animals the Kings private prayers.
Thus Aurangzeb Aurangzeb is blamed b lamed for edition sowing the seeds of downfall.
As a symbol symb ol of his hatred he reimposed the jizya, a tax payable by non muslims which had been abolished during the time of Akbar.
Aurangzeb wanted to expand his empire emp ire more than his father f ather had done.
Due to his unnecessary extravagance, the national treasury emptied very quickly and the poor economic conditions of the Empire led to its downfall.Q:Why was Aurangzeb blamed for sowing the seed of decline of the Mughal Empire?As a result of this hatred the hindus h indus becam becam e against data the muslims.They tried to disturb history the order of the Empire whenever they got the chance.Transcript p crafting Quran Majeed Redrafted And Checked 1 /p p 2 /p p 3 /p p 4 /p p 5 rarest /p p 6 /p p 7 /p p 8 /p p 9 /p p 10 /p p 11 /p p 12 /p p 13 /p.Download Indo Pak History CSS june 2018 today paper of language and Past papers.The wazirs and nobles became sluggish and lazy and delayed state matters over over long periods which eventually led to the decline of the empire.