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German propaganda posters during ww2

Though the pickelhaube was phased out in early 1916, it continued to be used as an identifying feature of Germany and/or Germans for propaganda purposes.
The above images aimed at Churchills Britain come from Lustige Blätter, a popular German humor posters magazine.
Propagating Propaganda (image via: Arts Not Dead ) Wartime propaganda is an equal opportunity endeavor so is war itself and the above selection of posters is proof.
A Game Two Can Play (images via: German Propaganda Archive ) Germany was by no means silent when it came to propaganda Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels did much more than just write Hitlers speeches.The curious British-made poster at top left warns of Japanese influence in South America?There are several variations titled either kultur-terror or liberator.Thousands of posters, many of them exquisite works posters of art, were produced by both sides during the course of the war.Thomas Hart Benton painted this german stunning tableau, titled Again, in 1941 immediately following the attack on Pearl Harbor.Stamps Of Disapproval (images via: PsyWarrior the wartime OSS (which later became the CIA) german was involved in the creation of forged postage stamps which were delivered into Nazi Germany via leaflet bombs.(image via: Digger History ) Above is an example of Japanese propaganda directed at Australian diggers fighting in New Guinea and the Pacific islands.Kultur-terror (image via: Arts Not Dead ) This disturbingly during sardonic image was widely reproduced in Germany and occupied countries.The above propaganda images are stark and severe, reflecting the tone of the times.Above are a small sampling, german once again taken from the pages of Lustige Blätter.A generation earlier, some surprisingly graphic posters made the rounds as allied governments sought to stoke war fever by demonizing Germany, especially Kaiser posters Wilhelm.

Rising Sun Setting (images via: Kings College, ABC, Chinese Posters and WW2 Shots ) Here is a selection of code repair unusual anti-Japanese propaganda imagery from the World War.
The war in the east began with betrayal and was bitterly fought Soviet propaganda posters kingdom pull no punches: the translated captions on the above posters read, clockwise from upper left, Kill German Beasts!, Warrior of Red Army, save us!, That will happen to German beast.
War often brings out the worst in humanity yet it can also bring out our best when people unite to defend their country, their families and their way of life from an opposing force who seeks their destruction.
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