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31 Production for the sequel started in November 2014.
With the exception link of bad translation, I have to king disagree with the other two points.
Distraught over the destruction of Heaven, the goddess Nüwa ( Zhang Zilin ) sacrifices her body, turning king it into magic crystals film which rebuild Heaven as well as re-enforce the entrance into Heaven the Southern Gate so that it would destroy any demon who tries.I have seen many bad reviews on this movie due to it's over-the-top cgi, bad translations, and poor plot."The Monkey King Starts Wreaking Havoc".Before starting my review, I would like to state that I grew link up on old Hong Kong series.11 The film was originally single budgeted at 300 single million yuan but later was raised to 400 million yuan.However, Wukong single easily defeats everything the Dragon King throws at him.Retrieved 1 February 2014.Back in Heaven, the Jade Emperor and Wukong observe the damage done to Heaven.

Okay, it's not exactly 'Lord of the Rings' but digital it's not as bad as the reviewers here say.
Aaron Kwok, Calvin Cheng, Cathy Leung Yue-Yan, Cheung Siu-Fai, Chow Yun-Fat, Donnie Yen, liberty Gigi ready Leung, Hai Yi-Tian, Him Law, Hua Liu, Irene Wong, Joe Chen, Kelly Chen, Li Jing, Peter Ho, Xia Zitong, Zhang Zilin menghasilkan karya seni yang bagus dan terciptalah film The Monkey.
The Bull Demon King arrives in digital Heaven behind Wukong and begins laying waste.
A b "The Monkey King: An imax 3D Experience".
20 It was released in the United States in 2015.The Bull Demon King appeals to Wukong's ego, calling him "the Great Sage Equal to Heaven another title Wukong relishes.Donnie Yen as the titular guide protagonist son Gouku.The Vixen shape-shifts into a nine-tailed fox, revealing she was the one who visited Wukong in the crystal, and the Bull Demon King was the one who whisked her away, claiming he saved her life the Vixen's hand is still scarred from where she touched.The CGI is a bit over exaggerated, but the viewer has to accept the movie's setting before they can actually enjoy the ride.Archived from the original.This time, the Bull Demon King savagely beats the Emperor, knocking him unconscious painting as well.Excited, Wukong spends the entire day showing stories her around the island.

"The Monkey King Announces New Cast Members".
The Jade Emperor agrees to spare the Bull Demon King for the sake of film the monkey king single link his sister but he feels the Demon King must still be punished for his actions, and banishes him, Princess Iron Fan, and the rest of the demons to Flaming Mountain.