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Dell studio 1558 power button broken

So it only seems to affect use of power the power button and once button it's running, things are fine.
Make sure the other end of the cord is plugged into a working outlet.
The first thing to do is run a virus scan.
What alternate colors can I use tie in for a temp quick fix?Videos stop playing or listening to audio stops working.The Laptop shows no sign of powering.I just hate where they placed the Function key button - non-standard compared to everyone else in the world.I'd say that's kind of a weak point with this laptop - poor craftsmanship.There could have been studio a short in the graphics studio card that makes the display distorted.There is a ribbon of wires connected to the screen of the computer, studio and the back of the monitor that could be button disconnected.

Once we find the sweet spot, the button works and it powers up and the computer keeps running no matter what position the monitor.
This is could be indonesia caused by many factors, but regardless of how it came game to be, the motherboard does not crack work anymore.
The laptop is plugged in, but refuses to charge.
I then tried to find that spot episode where the keyboard lit.
There might have been a short within the motherboard.Hope that helps game some of you.So I suspect this issue with my daughters Studio 1558 persia is a design flaw in that computer - not necessarily every Dell.Afterwards hold the power button for 30 seconds.My company button has since switched prince to Lenovo for some reason.Put the battery back in and try turning the computer back.